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Iseki TM3267 compact tractor

                                                                                                   TM3217 HST                                                                                     TM3267 HST    

Power            Engine: Type              Diesel indirect injection, overhead valve                                Diesel indirect injection, overhead valve

Displacement                                                                     1123cc                                                                                    1498cc

No of cylinders                                                                       3                                                                                                3     

Power                                                           14.3kW (19hp) at 2600rpm                                                     18.2kW (24.4hp) at 2500rpm

Fuel capacity                                                          28ltr (7.4gal)                                                                                28ltr (7.4gal)                                                                 

Rated engine speed                                               2600rpm                                                                                                    2500rpm                     

 Transmission                                                             HST                                                                                                                 HST                                                                

No of speeds                                                                3                                                                                                       3                                                                

 Forward                                                 0-23.2kph (0-14.4mph)                                                                                 0-24.4kph (0-15.2mph)                                                               

 Driven Wheels                                                     4WD                                                                                                     4WD                                                                

Differential Lock                                               Standard                                                                                             Standard

Brakes      Type                                                 Wet discs                                                                                           Wet discs

Tyres      Type                                                   Ag or Turf                                                                                         Ag or Turf

Front                                                     6-12 (Ag) 24x8.50-12 (Turf)                                                          6-12 (Ag) 24x8.50-12 (Turf)

Rear                                                    9.5-16 (Ag) 315/75D-15 (Turf)                                                     9.5-18 (Ag) 315/75D-15 (Turf)

Rear PTO                                               1 speed 540 @ 2475rpm                                                              1 speed 540 @ 2475rpm

Mid PTO                                              1 speed 2000 @ 2461rpm                                                            1 speed 2000 @ 2461rpm

PTO       Shaft                                             1 3/8” 6-spline                                                                                  1 3/8” 6-spline

Hydraulic Lift capacity                              600kg (1332lb)                                                   600kg (1332lb) or 800kg (1764lb) with high capacity lift kit

Pump Capacity ltr/m                                        20.0                                                                                                    20.8

Position Control                                           Standard                                                                                            Standard                                                               

Rear linkage type                                       Category 1                                                                                         Category 1                                    

 ROPS      Type                                           Rear foldable                                                                                   Rear foldable

Dimensions  Length                              2.815m (110.8”)                                                                                2.88m (113.4”)

Width                                          1.1m (43.7”) (Ag tyres) 1.295m (51”) (Turf tyres)   1.1m (43.7”) (Ag tyres) 1.295m (51”) (Turf tyres

Height                                                             2.39m                                                                                               2.39m

Weight                                                     835kg (1841lb)                                                                                  870kg (1918lb)                                                                

 Ground Clearance                                 0.25m (9.8”)                                                                                       0.25m (9.8”)