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Groundcare machinery

Groundcare Machinery

Durability, versatility and low maintenance are the hallmarks of our Groundcare Equipment with unrivalled service and after-care support. Whether you're a Local Authority/Municipality, Sports Club, Golf Club, Turf/Sod Farm, or Private Estate, we have a wide range of mowers that deliver pristine presentation and professional striping on dry and wet conditions only possible with our patented gear driven drive line.

With custom-designed gearboxes on every Major mower and galvanised for longevity, you can reduce maintenance costs and machine downtimes
over the lifespan of our machinery.

Major Mowers

contoura mowers

A multi-pivoting frame with self-aligning spherical bearings enables the Contoura to hug the ground easily and efficiently. The gearbox driveline delivers consistent high-blade tip speeds at 76 m/s and full length rollers ensure a level and striped presentation. Made with Strenx™ 700MC high-strength steel and galvanised, the Contoura Mower is an exceptional mower built for endurance and performance. The Contoura Series 2 offers superb precision cutting with durable 5mm boron steel blades that can be easily sharpened for even longer working life. Features: Unique pivoting frame with self-aligning spherical bearings allow the mowing decks to follow the ground contours with ease Fully galvanised finish for even longer machine life Zero turn capability allows tight turns or mowing around obstacles without turf damage Full width rollers follow undulations to give a consistent cut, even in the most challenging terrains Gear-driven drive line, eliminates the problems associated with belt-driven mowers Internal roller bearings give total protection against moisture and soil Two blade systems in one; a simple adjustment converts the blade from rigid blade to swinging blade Even distribution of cut material 3-year MAJOR warranty


The MAJOR CS Pro is a multi-purpose mower, designed for the maintenance of dense vegetation, long grass, estate lawns and fine turf. The patented double-chop blade system requires less HP than a comparable width flail mower. High-performance Strenx™ 700 MC structural steel makes these mowers strong yet light enough to be used with compact tractors. The CS Pro is ideal for cutting ground vegetation under hedgerows when managing field margins. (Read our post on improving biodiversity here.) Features: Hot-dip galvanised finish Unique blade system for maximum mulching and shredding Low maintenance machine with less wearing parts than a flail mower Heavy duty full-length rear roller Can be front or rear mounted (to be specified when ordering) Multi-purpose mower; ideal for everyday turf maintenance, heavy scrub, hedgerow undergrowth and stubble management.

Rigid deck roller mower

The Swift rigid deck roller mower delivers an exceptional quality of cut, even in the most challenging conditions. The 60mm blade overlap combined with high blade tip speeds result in a professional cylinder mower finish every time. Reliability, durability and longevity are the signature qualities of the Major Swift roller mower range. The gearbox driveline eliminates the problems associated with belt-driven mowers and the use of Strenx™ 700 MC high-strength steel, which has been galvanised to EN ISO 1461:2009 standards, result in a premium deck mower that outlives most of its competitors and holds its value. The Swift rigid deck roller mower is engineered to achieve a pristine finish across a wide variety of situations. For increased peace of mind, these mowers come with an industry-leading 3-year MAJOR warranty. Two blade systems in one: a simple adjustment converts the blade from rigid blade to swinging blade High performance custom-designed gearboxes Simple cutting height adjustment from 10-130mm 60mm blade overlap for an impeccable finish Sealed internal roller bearings for total protection against moisture, soil and debris Full-length rollers follow the ground contours and eliminates scalping Wash down hose attachment Optional scraper bar

flail collectors

There are two categories of MAJOR Flail Collector available and suitable for a variety of applications. MAJOR MJ27-155 Flail Collector The MJ27-155 flail collector is designed specifically for use with small compact tractors and is perfect for cutting and collecting all types of grass, from lawns to conservation areas. It can be used during autumn to pick up leaves, litter and even hedge clippings. The robust yet light weight construction allows for safe use on compact tractors. The design allows for use in situations where overall height is an important consideration and is ideal for use in orchards where overhanging branches are an issue. Features: • Rear roller and heavy duty flail blades • Castor wheels • Optional scarifying kit available MAJOR Green Bee Flail Collector The MJ27-160 and MJ27-180 Green Bee medium duty flail collectors allow mowing, scarifying, collecting, chopping and rolling all in one pass. This machine is suitable for use in many environments including sports and golf grounds, pastures, airports, airfields, paddocks, camp sites, and public and private parks. The grass can be collected and disposed of using the large capacity collector. The discharging height is 2.2m. Features: • Two working widths: 1.6m and 1.8m • Heavy duty flail blades supplied as standard • Optional scarifying kit available to aerate the ground in a single pass