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Wessex International


Founded in 1962 by Henry Browning, Wessex Farm Machinery took its name from being within the old County of Wessex. The aim was to provide robust and reliable farm machinery, and it was successful from the off. The British built Wessex Scrubmaster, and the Fieldmaster topper, imported from New Zealand were leaders in the field. Margie James who worked for Wessex from 1978 until 2015 states; “both machines sold by the lorry load. They were so reliable and robust, and we built up a great relationship with our dealers during this time.”. Wessex still sells parts for the Scrubmaster dating from around 1970, an excellent testimony to the strength of the machines. It attributes its success to the dealer support, and the company ethics to provide reliable machinery.

Wessex CRX

CRX MultiCut Rotary Mowers

The CRX RIGID DECK MOWERS are ideal for maintaining areas of high quality turf behind a small tractor, ie, Private estates, large gardens and sports pitches. As a Roller mower As a Roller Mower, the CRX offers similar characteristics to the well-known Wessex RMX roller mowers, which are renowned for their quality of cut and user-friendliness, but scaled down to include models suited to compact tractors from 20hp. As a Finishing Mower As a Finishing Mower, the machine still has the extremely high blade tip speed which is one of the secrets of the superb cut quality. This immediately puts the CRX Finishing Mower into a different league to other 4 wheeled finishing mowers on the market, as the cut quality will be equal to that of the roller mowers, yet you still have the increased maneuverbility in awkward areas thanks to the castoring wheels. As a Combination Mower With front castoring wheels and a rear roller, the CRX is ideally suited to front mounting onto a compact tractor. The front castoring wheels reduce the scuffing effect of a front mounted roller mower, whilst the rear roller will leave the prestigious stripped effect on the turf. The side discharge option allows operation in conjunction with a side collection hose. Wessex machinery is sold through our excellent dealer network. Get in touch with #TeamWessex, and we’ll locate your nearest dealer and then look after you throughout your sales journey.

CRX - 320 Golf & Sport Turf Mower

ground-hugging and nimble golf and sports turf mower to date. Transform your golf course with this rough cut and fairway mower. Equally, add outstanding stripes to a sports field. The CRX-320 really is an exceptional mowing experience! With full-width rollers front and rear and 3.2m wide, it produces a precision cut and an outstanding stripe. Keeping the rollers as close as possible maximises ground-contour following, with excellent floating capabilities to closely hug the undulations. The renowned CRX swing tip Gold Cut blades give you the superb cut and make for easy maintenance, while the wide-angle PTO gives you tight-turn capabilities for increased manoeuvrability. All you need is a 35hp tractor and only one spool valve, which makes it economical to operate with the simplest machinery. Simple too is the belt tension for quick and easy maintenance and the cutting height adjustment, between 10mm and 100mm, is equally straightforward. Minimal and easy-access grease points and shrouded PTO's equate to long service intervals. The CRX-320 golf and sports turf mower are made road-going with an optional highway kit for road-legal towing, so you can easily move from place to place. And with a 3-year warranty, what more could you ask for? The testimony to that is in the build quality, with 5mm steel plate decks making this mower robust and durable, and the aforementioned features that make the CRX-320 the perfect choice for maintaining your golf course or sports turf. You could even say it purrs.

CRX-410 Tri-Deck MultiCut Mower 4.1m

Never before has the industry seen a trailed, TRI-DECK MULTICUT MOWER boasting exceptional ground contour following capabilities, and with the 3 decks offering the option of 4 castoring wheels for maximum manoeuvrability, front and rear rollers for the effect of a professional roller mower leaving a prestigious, banded effect on fine turf, or a combination allowing longer grass to be tackled effectively. The CRX MultiCut mowers have a blade tip speed similar to that of the Wessex RMX roller mower allowing an equivalent cut quality on fine turf, whilst the TORNADO-VENTS system ensures the correct airflow through the machine for maximum efficiency when working in longer grass areas. Undulating golf courses present no problems to the CRX-410 as the independent floating decks allow ground contours to be followed closely, and the exceptionally tight turning capabilities means trees, goal posts and other obstacles can be negotiated with ease. Packed with clever design features and benefits, the CRX-410 has a generous 4.1m cutting width and can be operated behind a tractor with only 35hp+. YES – the new Wessex ProLine CRX-410 is truly a professional machine at the cutting edge of mowing technology.

CRX-500 Tri-Deck MultiCut Mower 5.0m

With a 5m wide cutting width, the Wessex ProLine CRX-500 is the flagship model of the CRX range of Multicut mowers. With the same unique features and benefits as the CRX-410, the new CRX-500 can be configured with rollers front and rear (RM), or a finishing mower with four castoring wheels (FM), or a combination mower (CM) with front castoring wheels and a full width rear roller. The CRX-500 is suitable for tractors from 40hp and is ideal for sports turf and large single site