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Husqvarna Ceora RZ 43L

Key Features:


  • Husqvarna Fleet Service
  • Anti-Theft Al
  • Electric Height Adjustment
  • Lift & Tilt Sensor
  • Weather Sensor
  • Weatherproof
  • Automower Connect Fitted
  • Commercial Interface
  • Automatic Passage Handling
  • GPS Assisted Navigation



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Product Description

CEORA™ RZ 43L, a specially developed cutting deck for sports grass and golf fairways that require cutting heights down to 10mm. The design is based on the Husqvarna unique cutting system with three complete cutting discs including a protective skid plate. A total of 15 high-speed steel razor blades keep the turf at an excellent quality level. A Protection zone makes the risk for accidents where extremities touching the blades has been kept to a minimum. Easy maintenance and handling are possible by an ergonomic and unique service position, meaning the cutting deck can quickly be tilted for easy access to the blade discs or for hose washable cleaning (IPX5 classified).


- Unique cutting system

The principle of the cutting system is based on the grass surface being mowed regularly. This means that each blade of grass is cut very little at a time but often, which guarantees a strong, nice-looking and healthy turf. The robust cutting discs are equipped with sharp razor-like blades made of strong carbon steel. This provides efficient operation and extremely low energy consumption.

- Service position

The cutting deck is easily moveable into vertical Service position, to facilitate regular cleaning and maintenance.

- Warning lights

Energy-efficient LED warning lights provide visibility and discoverability in darkness and daylight for safe operations. The lights can be set to solid or flashing configurations and different schedules.

- 5 blade cutting disc

The cutting discs on the commercial models, Automower 500-series and CEORA, are equipped with 5 Enhance HSS blades, which gives a higher cutting performance. More blades per disc gives a finer cut and extends the interval for blade changes.

- Cutting deck with Protection zone

The Protection zone is the area from the cutting deck's outer edge to the blade discs. The Protection zone minimizes the risk of accidents.

- Electric height adjustment - PATENTED

The cutting height is swiftly adjusted by the electrically operated height adjustment, easily accessible from the main menu or via the Automower® Connect app.

- Balance control

For silent and trouble-free operation it automatically detects imbalance in the cutting system. Imbalance could be caused by missing, double mounted or damaged blades.



Overall dimensions
Art no: 970 61 44‑01
Weight 35 kg
Product size length 78 cm
Product size width 108 cm
Product size height 34 cm
Product Data
Colour Orange
Protection index (IP Code) IPX5
Cutting System
Cutting system 3 discs with 5 pivoting blades
Cutting height max 60 mm
Cutting height min 10 mm
Cutting width 68 cm
Cutting height adjustment Electric
Skid plate Yes
Firmware Update FOTA
Lift sensor Yes
Ultrasonic sensor Yes

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