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Stiga have been manufacturing Lawn and Garden equipment for over 80 years. They are Europe’s largest maker of garden machinery covering everything from battery grass shears to 4WD out-front Ride-ons, Roller mowers to leaf blowers. They have the most comprehensive range of domestic homeowner products on the market. They are increasing being used by Professional gardeners, caravan parks and schools for their robust and reliable kit.

Stiga: Mowing - Trimming - Cleaning - Cutting


No matter how your garden looks, with STIGA we are sure you will find the right product to meet all your mowing needs. STIGA lawn mowers, tractors, zero turn mowers, front mowers and manual cylinder mowers are all easy-to-use. Reliable and versatile machines, with a wide choice of cutting systems, power sources and additional accessories – the best garden products you can own to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful, all year round.


STIGA lawn trimmer, brushcutter and hedge trimmer are well balanced, ergonomic performing machines, that combine great cutting results with maximum comfort. Thanks to the wide range of accessories, these tools are also very versatile and allow you to do much more than you expect! Whether you are a professional or a garden owner and need to manage weeds, rough grass, bushes or just lawn trimming, there is a STIGA machine to get the job done easily, efficiently and safely.


A well-maintained, cared-for garden also requires cleaning of outdoor hard surfaces, like driveways and footpaths, and the removal of leaves, snow, dust and debris. STIGA offers a range of domestic appliances that are designed to help clean a wide variety of surfaces all year round.


Multi-tool STIGA multi-tools are versatile products that plug into a single body and motor. When you use them, you are safe in the knowledge that you are choosing the right accessory for the task at hand and can take care of your garden in a simple, practical way. Chainsaws. STIGA chainsaws are designed to help you cut wood, whether you are carrying out intensive maintenance work, cutting up logs or pruning trees at home, offering you the security of a well-balanced product with a good power-to-weight ratio.

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