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AS Motor

mowers for high grass and slopes

AS-Motor is the market leader of robust yet agile professional-grade mowing machines, engineered specifically for slopes, high grass and rough-terrain.

AS-Motor was founded in 1959 in Southern Germany and maintains a culture of innovation, high manufacturing standards, and an ethos of social and environmental responsibility.

As motor

Flail Mowers

Incredible slope performance thanks to the low centre of gravity: AS-Motor is a specialist for slope mowers and thus designed the AS 701 SM and AS 901 SM with a low centre of gravity to ensure performance; the AS 901 flail mower is particularly easy to guide on slopes thanks to its twin tyres. Lightweight construction and optimal weight distribution:

Ride on

AS-Motor created the ride-on Allmäher which combines the comfort and the work rate of a lawn tractor with the cutting force and all-terrain mobility of AS-Motor’s well-known Allmäher. Essential design features include a stable blade system, drive gear ratios, a low centre of gravity and drive and cooling systems which ensure endurance and performance.

Lawn Mowers

AS-Motor develops and manufactures professional lawn mowers with robust and reliable technology, ensuring continuous performance under extreme conditions such as slopes and high grass. Our range of professional lawn mowers perform in a wide spectrum of tasks, with the choice between the legendary AS 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines and models with all-wheel drive, limited slip differential, traction drive and an automatic parking brake.

AS BrushCutter

Over the years the Allmäher® has become the classic for extensive green area and landscape care. With its present-day Allmäher® models AS-Motor has perfected mulching, which requires high grass to only be cut a few times per year. The mulched particles of grass and scrub are uniformly distributed on the surface and decompose quickly as natural fertiliser. Many Allmäher models are equipped with a cross-blade system to mulch the cuttings as finely as possible. Allmähers® are ideal for embankments and roadsides with dense grass, weeds and dense growth as well as meadow orchards, young forests, and private and public green areas.

AS Motor Collection