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The World’s leading manufacturer of Golf and Fine Turf care equipment. They have over 100 years of experience and continually invest in innovation and improving the build quality of all their products. Toro has been a core brand for DGM suppling the majority of golf courses in the South West. We have Toro trained mechanics and a full roster of genuine Toro parts, whether you have a greens, fairways, or tees mower to the Grandstand stand on mower or the 4 wheel steer Groundsmaster 360 commercial ride-on, Toro has it all.


Toro Mowers

With professional turfcare mowers designed to cut sports grounds and training pitches to an impeccable standard, Toro have the dream team line-up for your turf maintenance. Choose from the innovative electric or petrol walk-behinds with clever cutting rotation for touchline turns, to wide-area cylinders or rotaries. Fitted with accessories such as box collectors, brushes and DPA (dual precision adjustment) cutting units, all applications are covered. Able to produce the finest quality after-cut appearance, whether for matchday or training sessions, bringing Toro off the bench will guarantee a match-winning end result.

Toro Vehicles

There's no job a Toro utility vehicle can't do. A fantastic range of Workman vehicles and sprayers provides groundsmen with every utility tool needed to get those hard-earned results. Tough, hard working utility vehicles deliver exceptional power, payload, versatility and reliability. Whether moving seeds and fertilisers, equipment, or people, to spraying applications that improve the health of your sward, the electric and petrol-powered utility vehicles and diesel-powered sprayers, make a day's work like a walk in the park.

Toro Turfcare

When you need results there's little else more guaranteed than choosing one of Toro's ProCore series aerators. Walk-behind, PTO-driven, deep-tine aerators with unmatched productivity and superior hole quality. Getting the result you need is a breeze with a Toro aerator. And with the ProCore 648 pedestrian aerator Toro has created the perfect turf partner for repairing sports pitches and training fields incredibly quickly. From its ingenious wheel design within the coring path to its 48-inch wide aeration swath, your turf will be returned to full health and made match-ready faster than ever. Add it to your line-up and witness more miracles, fast.


Toro manufactures some of the finest turf machinery in the world and you will find it at most of the world's finest sporting venues and training pitches. From mowers delivering superb cutting ability and after-cut appearance, to utility vehicles, topdressers and aerators, the Toro line-up of sports turfcare machinery and irrigation products has everything you will need to prepare and manage the perfect surface. The choice of professionals the world over, Toro is a must for those who want the best.

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