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Ambrogio Robot Automatic Lawn Mower

Ambrogio robot is the automatic lawn mower that takes care of the lawn completely on its own and in complete safety. It is the ideal solution for those who want the perfect lawn and more free time and it is suitable for those who are looking for mowing excellence, professionalism, and technological innovation, combined with respect for the environment.

Ambrogio robot speaks the language of the future and makes our lives easier: it gives you the time and freedom to enjoy your garden and outdoor life to the fullest, even away from home. Thanks to ZCS smart technologies it is possible to control and manage the robot wherever you are. Integrated with voice assistants, for requesting information and statistics and for giving commands.

Ambrogio robot comes in 3 lines to meet the most diverse needs: GREEN Line, simple and intuitive, PRO Line, technologically advanced for professional use, NEXT Line, innovative, smart, modular, and future-proof.

Ambrogio Products

Green Line

The GREEN line was designed to allow you to benefit from all the advantages offered by Ambrogio’s simple and innovative technology. The four models of the line, all with brushless motors, ensure excellent cutting and nutrition of the turf, resulting in a greener, lusher, and healthier lawn in a completely eco-friendly way. The models are very compact for small gardens and have the ability to hand the most difficult slopes and up to 4 different areas.

Pro Line

Enjoy your Smart Garden Enjoy a beautiful, well-tended lawn effortlessly and with the practicality of using the latest technologies: perfectly cut grass when and how you want it, management of the robot at all times and the knowledge of relying on efficient and user-friendly technology.

Next Line

Live In the Future! The revolutionary NEXT Line was born in the era of digital technology, of Internet of Things, Cloud and connectivity, but also of the customisation and flexibility of smart products.The Z (post-millennial) generation of ZCS robotic lawnmowers was designed to anticipate future needs in lawn mowing and autonomous and controlled management.

ZCS Innovative Inside

ZCS Innovative Inside Ambrogio is a real smart product; hyper connected to the Cloud with the Internet of Things. LATEST GENERATION MOTHERBOARD The processors are faster and can process more data at higher rates, with less power consumption. TOUCH DISPLAY The interactive and intuitive touch display allows interacting with the graphic interface of the operating system by simply touching the screen with your fingers, without having to use physical keys. BLUETOOTH & GSM The communication technology that allows updating the software and driving the robot at close range. ZCS CONNECT* It allows to connect and interact with the robot every time and everywhere (with your own smartphone or tablet). SMART ASSISTANT The models equipped with ZCS Connect can interact with the user thanks to the new SMART ASSISTANT function (compatible with Siri, Google Home and Alexa).

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