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Dr Field Trimmer

The DR wheeled trimmer / mower will mow and clear through long thick grass and overgrown weeds quickly and easily. DR wheeled trimmers are much more powerful than handheld grass trimmers, and with the weight being supported by the large easy rolling wheels rather than your arms, back and neck, using the DR wheeled trimmer is much more comfortable.

Where traditional bladed lawnmowers clog and stall when cutting thick long grass due to not being able to discharge the cut grass quickly enough, there is no deck over the head of the DR trimmer mower meaning that clogging is not an issue. The heavy duty nylon cords used on the DR wheeled trimmers mean that you can mow in rough, rocky areas, around tree roots and in ditches - the places you wouldn't take a bladed lawn mower without risking serious damage.

DR Built For The Job

Reliable Power

The DR 6.75 Premier electric start wheeled trimmer mower is powered by a premium quality Briggs & Stratton 675 Series petrol engine. This reliable engine provides easy starting, powerful performance and simple maintenance.

Comfortable Operation

The large 14" wheels make manoeuvring the trimmer easy whilst the handlebars can be adjusted to suit almost any user providing optimum comfort whilst trimming. DR wheeled trimmers are much more comfortable to operate compared to hand held trimmers.

Cast Aluminium Bearing Assembly

The bearing assembly on DR Trimmer mowers are cast from lightweight and high-strength aluminium and has bearings at the top and the bottom to withstand hundreds of hours of heavy duty mowing and trimming at over 3000 rpm.

Wide Trimming Head

The patented wide-body trimmer head prevents vegetaion from wrapping and clogging, even when the trimmer is used in thick tall grass and weeds.

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