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Products For natural surfsces

A comprehensive range of machines classified as Aerators, Overseeders, Top Dressers and Scarifiers. There are models to suit all applications, from individual greens to the high work-rate performance demanded by busy contractors, whether the unit is self-propelled or trailed. The Redexim range is continually being updated and refined to make them versatile, efficient and to match the demands of today’s grounds professionals.


The Iconic Verti-Drain

Redexim originally introduced the iconic Verti-Drain®, deep tine aerator to the market, revolutionising the approach to professional turf care.Constant research and development has seen Redexim strive to bring innovation to the industry. Redexim are proud to market a complete range of complementary equipment, including Overseeders, Top Dressers, Scarifiers and Sweepers alongside the Verti-Drain®.

Top Dressers

There are many reasons to top dress and of course these can depend on your own circumstances, soil make up and types of grass are just two. In general terms people are looking to stimulate new root and shoot growth giving an improved sward, and to cover seed allowing it to make contact with soil and providing insulation for the seed and maximising germination rates


The New OxyShot is the ideal tool in the armoury of the Greenkeeper and Groundsman for troublesome areas such as bunkers, walkways, greens and around tree roots, injecting life-giving air into the soil profile and allowing the plant to breath, perfect for spot treatments complementing other forms of aeration.


The Multi-Sport combination tool offers many features in one unit. The ability to slit, rake, roll or brush in pass to varying depths is invaluable to football surfaces. The storage stands make dismounting or mounting from the tractor very easy