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Antonio carraro

Antonio carraro

Antonio Carraro is a historic italian corporation, located in Campodarsego, Padua, Veneto region. Founded by Giovanni Carraro in 1910, it is a worldwide leader in the production of compact tractors for specialized agriculture and civil maintenance.

Active worldwide for decades, the company counts over 450 employees dislocated between the italian HQ and commercial branches in Australia, Spain and Turkey. The sales network is made of 600 importers, dealers and resellers all over the world. Video MISSION & VISION DUTIES
Our mission is to provide the best solution to operators who work in the specialized agriculture field, even with extreme working conditions and in the groundcare and roadways sectors.

We believe that customers and collaborators community, together with work ethics are our key to success.

Carraro Tractors

Tigre 440f

TIGRE 4400 F - The compact professional utility tractor COMPACT PRO A steering super-compact utility tractor with different-size wheels and 38 hp Yanmar engine, designed for specialized agriculture, grounds care, construction and earthmoving applications. It is the flagship of the Tigre range of tractors designed for professionals who demand premium performance from a compact machine.

TN 5800 Major

TN 5800 MAJOR - Steering isodiametric tractor MEDITERRANEAN BREEZE Inspired by Mediterranean agriculture, the TN 5800 Major is a 50 hp steering tractor (Yanmar engine) with equal-size wheels for specialized farming on hillsides and mountains. It offers all the grip, handling and compact size required to work on uneven ground and steep gradients, including side slopes. It is an extremely versatile machine, and offers a wide choice of hydraulic systems and tire combinations.

SR 7600

SR 7600 Infinity Hydrostatic articulated tractor with narrow track width and reversible drive (75 hp Kohler engine), ideal for work in tight spaces like narrow vineyards, where a minimum turning radius is required. The Infinity's hydrostatic transmission offers all the desirable work speed ranges from 0 to 40 km/h, and allows you to work in these same speeds in both directions of travel. The reversing shuttle control (on the steering wheel) can be operated at any time.

TTr 7800

TTR 7800 - Isodiametric wide-track steering tractor for haymaking EXTRA-LARGE SUPER SPECIALIZED With a 71 hp Yanmar engine, this is a wide-track steering tractor with reverse drive, ideal for haymaking. Outstanding stability and grip thanks to the wide track, the low center of gravity and the 4 equal-size driving wheels. With its impressive work speeds, precise steering and ability to cope easily with steep gradients, it is equally suited to work in mountain pastures, hillsides or on flat terrain, and particularly to applications such as grass cutting on steep slopes. Ideal also for the maintenance of verges, urban green spaces and sports grounds. The powerful engine, constant traction and reduced turning radius enable this tractor to adapt to all types of terrain, steep gradients and rough ground.

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