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Antonio Carraro TTR 4400

TTR 4400 HST II Power 38 HP Engine YANMAR cylinders: 3 | 1642 CC Transmission HYDROSTATIC TRANSMISSION Weight (KG) 1275 with rollbar / 1440 whit cab Capacity (KG) 910



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TTR 4400 HST II - Isodiametric Reversible Hydrostatic Multi-Functional tractor


TTR 4400 HST II brings the hydrostatic transmission into the mid-power tractors category. With a silent 38 hp engine, this compact tractor fits a wide range of duties. From greencare to mowing, to urban and road maintenance, TTR is always the right choice.

The mix between hydrostatic transmission ACTIO™ chassis and reversible drive result in a first-choice multi-functional tractor. Along with the four-wheel drive and the low centre of gravity, these features deliver a stable, precise, multi-tasking machine.

The tractor works with precision on every soil, flat or steep, harsh or smooth.

Available also with air-conditioned cabTTR is available with many electric, hydraulic or comfort options: Front lifting system, seat with pneumatic suspension, mowing-collecting kit, are just some examples.
TTR is the multi-functional hydrostatic tractor for everyone.


TTR Cab is an original, certified AC product with a 24-month warranty. It offers great structural quality and a design which matches with the AC tractors concept.
The cab is soundproof and equipped with heating and air conditioning system.
The visibility is enhanced by the spherically curved longitudinal profile of the cab with green curved front and rear windows and partially or totally opening doors. The compactness and the butterfly-like profile grant freedom of movement through plants, obstacles and narrow spaces.
Using the tractor in reverse drive, the operator can enjoy the same comfort and efficiency.
The cab is equipped with powerful dust filters for a totally healthy on-board condition. 
Other features:
• Digital control unit for the air conditioning system;
• Steering column inclination adjuster;
• Fabric seat;
• Drinks compartment, clothes hook, documents holder;
• Side doors with cushioning gas springs;
• Partial opening of side windows and front deflectors;
• External door-handles with easy-open system;
• Front window for maximum visibility;
• Spot for stereo system;
• 2 external rear view mirrors with controlled position;
• Rear work lights;
• Front and rear windscreen wipers with independent washers.


Grass cutting and collection

The RT 1500 HDS* is a professional turbine rotary mower equipped with an innovative system that allows the cutting height to be adjusted in a simple, intuitive manner. The powerful suction turbine fitted onto the deck in mid-centre position ensures efficient collection of the grass clippings without clogging. The turbine features six curved vanes arranged in such a way as to ensure a fluid, clog-free flow of the cut material, including wet grass. The three rotary cutter blades are arranged in a triangular fashion under the deck providing a uniform and precise cut. Featuring a compact design and a smooth and clean shape, the mower has a cutting width of 150 cm and enables working close to kerbs and pavements. A pressure gauge allows the operator to monitor the turbine operation by constantly checking the suction efficiency and the grass level within the collector. The RT 1500 HDS can be placed in vertical position without the need to remove the cardan joint. This operation can be easily performed by only one operator. 


CT 1000

The patented CT 1000* collector has a capacity of up to 1000 litres ensuring a long operating time. This exceptional holding capacity is due to the optimal weight distribution on the ACTIOTM chassis, resulting in outstanding balance and stability. Made from shock-proof and corrosion-resistant fiberglass, the collector has a compact, rounded design that allows the machine to manoeuver easily even in the most cramped spaces. The cut grass is easily discharged by simply activating the remote valve lever (or the joystick controller), after pointing the discharge opening in the desired direction at a maximum height of 2.15 m.  This operation may only be carried out with the machine at a standstill. The CT 1000 collector can be fitted and removed with ease by simply screwing/unscrewing the four fixing screws.

HYDROSTATIC TRANSMISSION which allows the speed to be continuously changed from 0 to 30 km/h and quickly inverts the direction of travel at any time using the balanced pedal. The combination of this engine with the hydrostatic transmission highlights the versatility and efficiency of the vehicle, also on sloping ground, assuring maximum safety both when braking and when starting without having to use the clutch pedal. 

The Yanmar direct-injection diesel engine giving 38 HP at 3000 rpm provides a generous maximum torque at just 1200 rpm. This assures adequate power for all uses thanks to the torque promoting elasticity and low fuel consumption


positioned on a rotating turret, allows the direction of driving to be reversed in just a few seconds in order to work naturally both with equipment towed from behind, pushed in front or applied facing the direction of travel. It is sufficient to turn the seat/steering wheel/dashboard/pedal assembly by 180° to obtain the same driving position in the opposite direction without compromising accessibility or operating comfort: all the commands are located in an ergonomic position and in a logical sequence in all driving directions 

Whether you mount a grass cutter, mower, shredder, digger, baler, mill, lateral hedge arm, blade and snow plough, trailer, sprayer, these are just some of the commonest pieces of equipment for the TTR 4400 HST II, a vehicle developed for the ground care, municipal and specialised farming sectors.

The soundproofed, heated and air-conditioning cab provides allround visibility and a large living space which is enhanced by the spherically curved longitudinal profile of the cab with green curved front and rear windows and partially or totally opening doors. Also when reversing, the operator enjoys unchanged comfort, living space and functionality. The compactness and the continual butterfly profile of the cab ensure ease of manoeuvring around plants or obstacles, or in the tightest spaces, without damaging the bodywork. The 6 air-conditioning outlets provide a large flow of air which is purified by powerful dust filters, thus assuring optimum operator well-being.

The version with the cab comprises:
• Digital control unit for the air conditioning system
• A steering column inclination adjuster
• Fabric seat
• Drinks compartment, clothes hook, documents holder
• Side doors with cushioning gas springs
• Partial opening of side windows and front deflectors
• External door-handles with easy-open system
• Front window for maximum visibility
• Fitting for radio
• 2 external rear view mirrors with controlled position
• Rear work lights
• Front and rear windscreen wipers with independent washers

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