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AS 73 Allmaher Brushcutter




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Product type: Brushcutter

Vendor: AS Motors

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The only meadow mower with two blade speeds

The Allmäher for professional use in challenging conditions. Equipped with a Briggs & Stratton Series 3 INTEK engine with an oil and fuel pump, the AS 73 4T B&S masters inclines up to 35 degrees without running the risk of engine damage. A separate engine and blade shaft protect the engine in case of unseen obstacles and propulsion occurs via a 5-speed manual transmission with reverse gear (2.4 km/h) that covers a speed range from 1.6–5.1 km/h. Work rates reaching 3,700 m² per hour are possible due to a powerful engine with up to 13.0 hp, traction drive and a 73 cm cutting width. The AS 73 4T B&S effortlessly cuts grass up to 150 cm high. Variable blade speed offers two options depending on the conditions: the fast blade speed achieves an even finer mulching result, while the slower blade speed’s increased torque is recommended for dense and high growth such as areas that are seldom mowed. The AS 73 4T B&S is thus suitable for virtually every application.

Operation is simple, convenient and safe

The AS 73 4T B&S works with operating levers that activate the parking brake, the traction drive, the limited slip differential and the blade clutch. Absolute safety for slope mowing is achieved by an automatic parking brake and limited slip differential which remains permanently locked while the machine is in drive. When the drive lever is released, the parking brake automatically engages and the AS 73 4T B&S stops, whether on a slope or level ground. For convenient operation the guide bar is equipped with a V-handlebar which can be adjusted laterally and for height without tools. Cutting height can be adjusted from 50–100 mm while low-pressure tyres with field studs ensure optimal propulsion on both slopes and level ground.

Impressive cutting results thanks to a cross-blade system

The cross-blade system consists of a main blade and an overlying wing blade, providing four cutting edges to tackle grass and undergrowth. A closed mowing deck means the cut grass remains inside for longer, and is cut many times. Combined with a high blade speed, the AS 73 4T B&S offers excellent cutting results in low to medium-high grass.


Product advantages

Performs on slopes

Extra fuel and oil pump with oil pressure switch optimize performance on slopes.

Perfect mowing and mulching

The AS cross-blade system cuts and shreds grass simultaneously.

Variable speed

The AS 73 offers two blade speeds for optimal performance in any kind of growth.

Automatic parking brake

When the drive lever is released the machine stops automatically, whether on a slope or level ground.

Switchable limited slip differential

Permanently locked limited slip differential opens by pressing the differential lock lever.

Engine protection

Separate engine and blade shaft protects engine.

Simple operating concept

Operation of parking brake, blade engagement, limited slip differential, drive function, speed adaptation, all with just three levers.

Drive wheels

Inflatable tyres with field studs for excellent traction on slopes.

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