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Balfor Forestry Winches BF 30

  • Hydraulic Cable Unwinder
  • Special Double Hammered Cable
  • ELCA wireless Control
  • 9mm Cable
  • 185 KG

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The Balfor Forestry Winches are available with a wide variety of pulling forces to cater to a huge range of applications. Available in versions 3 ton, 3.5 tons, 4.5 ton, 5.5 ton, 7.5 ton and 9 ton, all are fitted with a full-width butt plate and window guard as standard.

All models from the BF 35 (3.5 ton) are equipped with top and lower pulley and from BF 45 upward with a tow hitch. The winches are equipped with single or multiple dry clutch disc (depending on model) for longer life and a smoother engagement. Balfor Winches use an automatically locking band brake, with adjustable preload to allow for easy unwinding.

The R models have a lower winch inline speed, reduced to 0.6m/s.

The H models are Electrohydraulic controlled, to greatly reduced user fatigue and allow for an upgrade to wireless remote control. Also, there is the option for a hydraulic cable unwinder on models 7 ton upwards, again reducing operator fatigue for better productivity. All cable is the ‘double flatted’ type, offering greater flexibility, higher strength and greatly reduce the chances of kinking the cable overall they have a much longer service life.
The winches have plenty of storage for chains and accessories, including a chainsaw and axle holder. It is possible to fit a throttle control for the tractor in conjunction with the H model winches.

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