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Dennis G26D G30D and G34D

G26D, G30D & G34D Features & Benefits

  • Large diameter cutting cylinder for maximum performance with both short and longer length grass
  • Cast 3 section aluminium ribbed roller for positive traction in all conditions and mark free turning
  • Low vibration handle bars
  • Honda power - ultimate easy start long life engine with Q9 low noise low vibration technology
  • Open construction means superior sight lines for accurate line up of mower
  • Easy and comfortable to operate controls incorporating parking brake and all the latest safety features



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G26D, G30D & G34D

This dedicated machine incorporates a large diameter 8 bladed cutting cylinder giving maximum performance in both short and long grasses ensuring a quality finish.

An ideal machine for sports venues and private lawns, building upon many of Dennis' well proven design concepts.

Ideal For

Suitable for Cricket Suitable for Cricket Suitable for Football, Hockey and Rugby Suitable for Cricket Suitable for Golf Suitable for Lawns Suitable for Contractors

G26D, G30D & G34D Specification

G26D G30D G34D
D147 D146 D145
Cutting width 660mm (26") 760mm (30") 860mm (34")
Engine Honda GX160 Honda GX160 Honda GX160

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