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Eliet DZC 600 Overseeder

The new DZC 600 overseeder from ELIET makes high tech overseeding possible for an affordable price.



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Every Eliet overseeder machine is equipped as standard with Permanently Sharp Blades™. The blades are selfsharpening, thanks to ELIET’s revolutionary concept, so that they retain their sharp cutting edge during their entire working life. Because these knives always stay sharp you can keep on using them until they are completely worn down. Our unique ELIET knives have a 100-hour knife life.



On this ELIET machine, the heavy work is performed by the 57 reel blades underneath the machine. Especially hardened blades cut slits underneath the lawn at 10-15 mm spacings. The blades rotate in reverse so that the soil, thatch, moss and grass are lifted from the lawn. This method guarantees cleaner slits that are more suitable for receiving and retaining the grass seed. The ideal blade thickness for overseeding is 3 mm.


The rejuvenation of a lawn is easy to quantify, the travel speed is constant thanks to the powered wheels and the seed flow can be precisely set. The rejuvenating effect of overseeding treatment can be seen within 14 days provided rainfall is sufficient. In addition, the DZC 600 can be used as a scarifier, which further increases its versatility.


Overseeding is a very efficient method for treating lawns. Work can begin after clearing up following an intensive aeration process. The DZC 600 is very easy to operate. Although the overseeder has a working width of 600mm (23.6"), it remains very compact in size and easy to operate thanks to its powered roller. All operating controls are mounted on the handlebars, such as blade engagement, drive controls, seed distribution switches, lowering to working depth etc.

Innovative overseeding technology

Innovative overseeding technology

Since the new grass seed is inserted between existing vegetation when overseeding, it is essential for the success of the treatment that the seed can
germinate as soon as possible and that growth opportunities are maximised. The patented operating principle of the DZC 600 ensures ideal conditions
for the introduction of seed:
1. Cutting open the soil
The cutting blades at the front of the machine cut open 10 (0.4”) to 15mm (0.6”) deep grooves in the
soil of the lawn in preparation for the grass seed.
2. Removal of excess soil
The blades rotate over the top and cast the soil in an arch to the rear of the machine so that it
does not fall into the newly cut grooves.
3. Precision sowing
A clever and compact seed distribution system, Helix Seed DuctTM, carries the seed under the projected
excess soil into small funnels leading to discharge channels precisely located above the clean grooves.
4. Injection
A small air pressure generator blows air through the seed funnels so the seed is blown while it is being
distributed. This helps the seed to settle faster and with more precision in the grooves.
5. Rollers
The powered rubber roller immediately follows the seed distribution process and ensures that
there is good contact between the soil and the seeds by pressing the earth down.
6. covering the seed
The flow of projected excess earth falls just behind the roller on the sown area. The earth covers
the seedbed and provides a protective layer for the seed, increasing the chances of germination and


Engine selection 9,0 HP Honda GX270
Blade Choice Permanently Sharp BladesTM/Hardox
Depth adjuster 8 - 10 mm
Operating width 600 mm - 22"
Number of blades 57
Rotor Ø 260 mm
Groove spacing 22 mm - 0.86"
Seed transportation Helix Seed DuctTM
Volume of seed container 70 L
Seed Flow 0 - 31 gr/m²
Driving speed 2,4 km/hour


Dimensions (L x W x H in mm / inch) 155 cm x 76 cm x 102 cm / 6" - 3" - 4"
Weight 129 kg - 273 lbs

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