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Eliet E750 Pro Scarifier (Fixed Blades) GX270

The ELIET E450 scarifier represents the symbiosis between the E401 and E501 models and is intended for a semi-professional user audience. Its 45 cm working width and foldable handlebar also make it an excellent working partner for rental.



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- Robust Frame
- Blade Choice
- Vertical Belt Tension
- Rear Wheel and Depth Adjustments
- Infinitely Variable Height Adjustment
- Alumunium Wheels 

With an effective 75 cm dethatching width and a powerful 9 HP engine, you can dethatch large surfaces in next to no time with the Eliet E750. Thanks to the easyroll bearing wheels, the heavy machine, moreover, runs very lightly. Two parallel belts ensure that the power is transmitted smoothly to the blade shaft, without loss or slipping.

Robust Frame:

The larger the machine and the more powerful an engine is, the more extreme the conditions in which the machine can be deployed. It is not for nothing that the E750 has an all welded frame manufactured from 3 mm sheet steel with additional reinforcement at the critical locations.

Blade Choice:

In addition to the standard fixed blades for the Eliet dethatching machines, Eliet have also specially developed two other types of blades for the professional users. These oscillating blades and Double Cut™ blades also benefit from the exceptional characteristics of PSB™ technology. The choice is up to you!

Rear Wheels Depth Adjustment:

Eliet guarantees that the Permanently Sharp Blades™ are not worn down, even after operating for more than 100 hours. The depth adjustment on the front wheels is inadequate to fully wear down the entire length of the blade. The E750 therefore also has a rear wheels depth adjustment.

Infinitely Variable Height Adjustment:

Accurate depth adjustment is essential in order to minimise damage to the lawn and to prevent unnecessary wear on the blades. Each of the front wheels of the Eliet E 750 has an individual depth adjuster. This enables you to adjust to the depth of blades to within 1 mm, and to ensure that the entire blade shaft is in contact with the ground.

Aluminium Wheels:

The large aluminium wheels on the E750 are manufactured to an extremely high quality. The 20 mm wheel axles are able to withstand a knock. Thanks to the double ball bearings on each wheel, you hardly notice that the machine travels over grass. The wide rubber wheel tread ensures that with this dethatching machine no, or hardly any, ruts or wheel marks will be left on the lawn.


Display SKU EL-MA 009 010 207
Manufacturer Eliet
Model MA 009 010 207
Engine Power 9 hp
Engine Make Honda GX270
Professional/ Domestic/ Hire Professional
Electric Yes
Working Width 750 mm
Overall Dimensions 1300 x 910 x 1050 mm
Weight 80kg
Depth Adjuster front: Continuously rear: 2-position
Blade Type Fixed Blades / Double Cut Blades / Loose Blades

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