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Eliet Mega Prof - Eco Eye




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Product type: shredder

Vendor: eliet

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The striking feature of the feed hopper is its wide base, which does not taper towards the feed roller. The open top of the hopper provides a free feeding tray measuring 1 meter in length. The feed threshold is at hip height. The slight incline of the hopper base enhances feed ergonomics and reduces kick-back.



In order to deposit the shredded material at the desired location, the discharge chute towers high over the machine. During transport however, the discharge chute creates excessive drag, needlessly increasing vehicle fuel consumption. For this reason, ELIET’s engineers designed the discharge chute to be easy to fold down and secure. This makes for a streamlined machine that is 1.85m high and stays perfectly within the wake of the vehicle.



Under the “FAST PITSTOP” motto, the machine is designed to be dismantled in record time to access the critical maintenance points. This typically does not require any tools. You can perform a quick check-up or routine maintenance at the end of each working day. It also facilitates somewhat more involved maintenance. This keeps the machine in top working order so it can deliver optimal performance every day.

<750 kilograms

<750 kilograms

Despite its impressive shredding capacity, the Mega Prof is lightweight.
ELIET engineers have successfully kept the weight below 750 kg. That means you can transport the shredder on public roadways with a standard driver’s license. Thanks to its low deadweight, practically any vehicle can tow the Mega Prof.
In addition, the machine’s excellent weight distribution enables quick and easy movement by hand.


Engine selection 33 hp Kubota D1105 T Turbo Diesel (Standard)
37 hp VanguardTM EFI Gasoline
Cylinder capacity (cc) 1.123 cc (Kubota) / 993 cc (VanguardTM)
Number of cylinders 3 (Kubota) / 2 (VanguardTM)
Shreddable timberdiameter Max diam. 150 mm
Cooling Water-cooled (Kubota) / Air-cooled (VanguardTM)
Shredding technology ELIET’s patented Chopping PrincipleTM
Feed intake opening 1000 mm x 650 mm (h x w) / Open feed zone: 480 x 1000 mm
Feed height (mm / inch) 800 mm
Feeder drive Hydraulic
Number of blades 24 ELIET RESISTTM/10 blades (service life: 200 hours)
Chassis One-piece welded hopper (no hinges)
Diameter infeed roller 300 mm
Capacity of the fuel tank 40 L diesel/benzine
ECO EYE™ system Inclusif
Cutting width 480 mm
Transmission Direct 2 V-belt PowerBand transmission
Feed assistance Electro-Hydraulic adjustment (on dashboard)
LED-illuminated stainless steel push-buttons
Power control ABM (Anti-Block System)
Tachometer Inclusif
Discharge chute rotation 280°
Hour meter yes


Dimensions (L x W x H in mm / inch) 3500 x 1700 x 2250 mm
Noise level Lw(A) 90 dB(A) Lw(A): 115 dB(A)
Noise reduction Muffled chipping chamber / Noise-reduction housing around the engine
Weight 748 kg


Multi-purpose grating
Calibrating sieve Ø35 mm

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