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Hayter 6.0Ah Battery (60V)

The Spirit™ 41 petrol rear roller lawnmowers utilise our revolutionary aluminium skeleton chassis with tough ABS polymer covers and underdeck providing strength, beauty and the capability to deliver perfect stripes on any lawn. Cutting width = 41cm



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Interchangeable across Hayter’s entire cordless mower range. The 6.0Ah battery is suitable for mowing medium-sized gardens (up to 500 square metres) also used in Toro's Flex-Force Power System range of garden tools.


- Easy to read LED indicator light shows the battery's charge level.

- The onboard Power Boost technology optimises power output and overload protection in real time. Maximising battery performance and lifespan.

- Ideal for mowing medium-sized gardens (up to 500 square metres) and larger Garden Tool jobs.

- The battery will only charge when it’s the right temperature

- Built-in carry handle to easily remove and insert the battery into the mower or garden tool you're using.

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