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Iseki TG 6375 IQ Compact Tractor

TG6375 IQ


  • 36 hp Compact tractor with the innovative IQ dual-clutch 24-speed transmission
  • 1270 kg lift capacity at the ball ends and 1150 kg lift capacity @24″ behind
  • Category 2 cab with uprated air-conditioning – also available as a ROPS model
  • Front loader joystick, up-stop PTO, linkage up in reverse and draft control all supplied as standard



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The TG6495 and TG6375 feature the new IQ Dual-Clutch transmission that offers the control of a manual with the convinience of an automatic. There are 8 main gears and 3 ranges. Gears are changed by simply moving the gear lever through the straight shift gate. If ‘D’ is selected then gears 4-8 are operated automatically - ideal for roadwork or towing.

Both tractors are available with either ROPS or an air-conditioned Category 2 cab. A front loader joystick, draft control, up stop PTO and linkage lift in reverse are all supplied as standard. The tractors are offered with either Ag or Turf tyres as standard. Optional loaders, either standard or with parallel lift are available


Key Features:

26.6kW or 35.1kW1,270kg or 1,580kg at ball endLight footprint, compact, class leading lift capacity, electronic shuttle with fingertip control and 3 range, 8 speed dual-clutch transmission

TG6370 IQ
3 Cylinder 36HP Iseki Diesel Engine
40 Ltr Fuel Tank
24 Forward – 24 Reverse Gears
Selectable 2WD and 4WD
Tyre Options Narrow Turf – Std or Narrow Ag
Hydraulic Output 52.4 Ltrs per Min
Cat 1 Three Point Linkage
3195 x 1620 x 2290 mm (LWH)
Weight 1550 Kg ROPS 1645 Kg Cab

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