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Mountfield Typhoon 30Li Kit Cordless Lawn Mower

Key Features:


  • 66cm Cutting Width
  • Hydrostatic Transmission
  • Mountfield Engine
  • Light & Easy To Handle
  • 150 Litres Collector Capacity
  • Optional Mulching Plug
  • Up to 0.75 Acre Lawn Size



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Typhoon 30 Li Kit

Cordless lawn mower
Mountfield's Typhoon is the cordless hover mower that is a lot less bother! Heading up the freedom100 range this fantastic hover lawnmower powered by 20V smart ePower batteries that provide ample power to cut lawns up to 100sqm from one charge. Just pop the batteries in and mow!
  • Powered by 2 Stiga ePower 20V 4Ah batteries
  • Easy push button start
  • Easy to manoeuvre - floats on air
  • Lightweight polypropylene chassis - Easy to transport and Easy to use
  • Easy to store - hangs flat against the wall
  • Ideal for slopes and awkward corners


Glide on air with Mountfield's impressive Typhoon battery powered hover mower.

Easy to use and easy to manoeuvre, glide across the grass with ease, forwards, backwards and side to side, along stepped gardens or up and down sloping grass banks..…. And with no cord to get tangled in bushes, hedges or garden furniture you have the freedom to mow wherever you choose!

The unique patented cutting deck traps the air creating the right amount of energy to produce the cushioning effect that lifts the mower from the ground - similar to a hovercraft. The blade has been specially designed for maximum
 cutting efficiency without disturbing air flow to achieve a comfortable mow with fabulous results.

Extremely lightweight, the Typhoon weighs just 7kg making it easy to use and also to carry around the garden to areas that require cutting. It is also super easy to store in any garden shed or garage - hanging flat against the wall from a single hook.

This whirlwind of a mower comes with 2 x 20V 4Ah batteries and a dual charger included making it great value. The batteries are interchangeable with other products in the freedom100 battery range including a grass trimmer, blower, vacuum shredder, hedge trimmer and multi-tool as well as a selection of 3 collecting mowers.

The Typhoon is a must-have for those who have stepped gardens or sloped grassed banks.

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