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Oregon Saw Chain 21 BPX 56E

Features & Benefits

  • LubriTec™ keeps your chain and guide bar oiled, for less friction and longer life
  • Blued Cutters deliver high-quality protection against corrosion
  • Top-Plate Filing Indicators makes accurate sharpening easier
  • Our Exclusive OCS-01 Steel delivers greater durability



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If you own or maintain a property, you will inevitably manage a lot of smaller jobs. They add up fast. Oregon’s ControlCut saw chain is ideal for all light-duty work, because it gives you a smooth cut every single time and it’s easy to maintain.

ControlCut has the longevity for bigger jobs, too. ControlCut’s semi-chisel and Micro Chisel® cutting styles are ideal for property owners who need to cut the occasional tree limb, as well as experienced landscapers and orchardists who cut trees for a living.

ControlCut is low maintenance, and it stays sharper so you get jobs done quickly and easily.

  •  Smooth 
  •  Controlled 
  •  Forgiving 

  • An ideal choice for occasional users like property owners and commercial cutters. The low-vibration, Micro Chisel cutters have small-radius working corners for excellent performance and easy maintenance. Low kickback design.

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