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SISIS Autoslit

The Spirit™ 41 petrol rear roller lawnmowers utilise our revolutionary aluminium skeleton chassis with tough ABS polymer covers and underdeck providing strength, beauty and the capability to deliver perfect stripes on any lawn. Cutting width = 41cm



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purpose built pedestrian deep slitter which is suitable for use on fine or outfield turf helping to reduce compaction and assist the percolation of surface water.

The deep clean slitting action cuts through the turf and the root zone leaving a thin slit on the surface and minimal surface disturbance.

These slits encourage strong, healthy root growth of the grass plants, improving tolerance to drought conditions and promoting more rapid recovery after damage in play.

Easy to use the Autoslit incorporates a rear smoothing roller and uses a cantilever system to lift the machine out of operation.



  • Choice of interchangeable slitting tines to suit different ground conditions
  • The angle of the tines and spiral design of tine shaft assist penetration giving maximum underground cultivation with minimum surface disturbance
  • Tine plates have a wide rim to reduce marking in soft or undulating conditions
  • Safety guard is quickly removed for easy tine change
  • For ease of use, and to comply with EU lifting regulations, the patented design uses a cantilever system to lift the machine out of work
  • Incorporates rear smoothing roller
  • Fine turf sharpened tines included as standard





Working width

900mm (36")

Working depth

150mm (6")


Honda GX160



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