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SISIS Variseeder 1300

The Spirit™ 41 petrol rear roller lawnmowers utilise our revolutionary aluminium skeleton chassis with tough ABS polymer covers and underdeck providing strength, beauty and the capability to deliver perfect stripes on any lawn. Cutting width = 41cm



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A compact and versatile tractor mounted overseeder ideal for renovation and repair work.

The studded roller prepares the seedbed by creating thousands of little “plant pots” to receive the seed without linear grooves that can disturb play.

Variable seed rates and options on discharge rollers allow different seed varieties to be introduced to the sward.



  • Seeding rate is variable and is simple and accurate to set by Zero max box
  • Fast work rate
  • Overseeding carried out without taking ground out of play
  • Studded roller creates seed bed
  • Low maintenance with few wearing parts
  • Integral weight bar
  • Standard cat.1, 3 point linkage for easy fitting to any tractor
  • Can be adapted for use with most common power units for golf and sports ground work



FS1056 FS1245
Complete with

Standard discharge roller

Ultra fine discharge roller

Working width

1300mm (52")

1300mm (52")

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