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Stiga BL 500e Cordless Leaf Blower

IGA 500 Series - 48V Battery Blower

Next Generation 500 Series powerhead

Maximum air flow rate - 11.4m³/min

Maximum air speed - 55m/s

Integrated controls on handle

Up to 20 minutes typical run time (4Ah battery)

Battery and charger not included



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BL 500e

Cordless leaf blower

Lightweight and easy to use, the BL 500e cordless leaf blower has the power to clear all your leaves and outdoor debris. As a battery blower, it provides running times of 130 minutes at normal speed, 30 minutes at medium speed, and 20 minutes at full speed. Its direct axial airflow improves efficiency, while its electronic keypad makes it easy to choose from three speed settings.
  • Battery leaf blower, free from cables, petrol and hassle
  • Lightweight at only 2.6kg, with a comfortable ergonomic handle
  • Powerful 500W motor generates air speeds up to 55m/s
  • Three variable speed settings to clear different debris types and surfaces


The BL 500e is a cordless leaf blower designed to make outdoor cleaning a whole lot quicker and easier. Because it's a battery-powered garden blower, there are zero emissions, less vibration and a big noise reduction compared to a typical petrol leaf blower. An ergonomic handle ensures it's comfortable to use, while rubber supports protect the BL 500e's underside and nozzle. Thanks to the optimised position of its motor and impeller, the BL 500e moves air up to 55m/s in one straight direction – clearing all outdoor surfaces quickly and easily. Its intuitive handle-mounted keypad enables you to effortlessly choose between three different air-speed settings. You can select low for lightweight materials on lawns and gravel; medium for grass clippings and leaves on asphalt and other solid surfaces; or full speed for fresh snow, wet leaves and other more challenging debris.



- Battery powered – for cable-free, quieter leaf blowing

The SAB 500 AE is a powerful and quiet leaf blower, delivering a working time of 130 minutes at normal speed, 30 minutes at medium speed, and 20 minutes at full speed.

- Three air speeds to tackle garden debris

Choose between three air speeds: low for lightweight materials, medium for grass clippings on solid surfaces, and full for more challenging debris.

- Comfort while you work

Ergonomic handle improves handling and manoeuvrability – and weighing just 2.6kg, it's easy on your arms too.

- Detachable blowing tube saves space

Quick release button detaches the tube, saving on storage space.

- Powerful motor clears all in its path

650W brushless motor generates powerful air speed of 55m/s, easily removing debris in your garden, drive and patio.

- Strong and precise airflow

Optimal position of the motor and impeller multiplies airflow into one straight direction – delivering a stronger and more precise airflow.

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