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Stiga Estate 9122WX Garden Tractor

A compact tractor small enough to fit through a garden gate yet powerful enough to maintain a good sized garden in less than no time!

The Estate 2084 Lawn Tractor is powered by a 5.8kW STIGA engine featuring an 84cm twin-blade cutting deck with 7 cutting height adjustments from 25 to 80mm and electromagnetic blade engagement. You can choose to collect the grass clippings in the 200 litre collector or simply insert the mulching plug that is included and recycle the grass clippings into the soil.



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Estate 9122 WX

Petrol garden Tractor

High-specification lawn tractor with a sizeable 122 cm cutting-width, two timed blades and a powerful STIGA ST 650 twin-cylinder engine. Supplied with a spacious 320-litre collector. The perfect partner for cutting and collecting grass in lawns up to 8000m².
  • High-performance STIGA twin-cylinder engine
  • 122 cm reinforced cutting deck with 4 anti-scalp wheels
  • Stress-less driving with foot-pedal hydrostatic drive
  • Smart 5.5" widescreen display with all operating information and Best Cutting Zone
  • Powerful LED headlights and robust front bumper
  • Comfort is improved by seat with armrests and soft-grip steering wheel

The STIGA Estate 9122 W is a high-performance machine with a high-capacity 635 cc STIGA ST 650 twin-cylinder engine, that ensures powerful torque and less vibration.

Developed for use over very large areas up to 8000m², the Estate 9122 W has a spacious 320-litre grass-collector, and an expansive 122cm-wide cutter-deck that will cover a vast amount of grass with every pass (the blades are timed to ensure a neat, consistent finish).

It features a foot-pedal hydrostatic transmission that gives the driver infinite-increment ground-speed control with no need to stop and manually change gear;
 and it benefits from a smart 5.5" widescreen display that provides clear, easy-to-read information on all key operating functions. The display also features "Best Cutting Zone" function, to ensure the best cutting performance at the right speed.

The cruise-control function on the Estate 9122 W means you can choose to lock the forward speed and give your foot a rest if it is getting tired. Also contributing to user comfort is a STIGA Premium soft-grip steering wheel and a STIGA Comfort Plus adjustable seat with armrests.

Built to last, this rugged machine has been fitted with a cast-iron front axle designed to handle regular heavy-duty use over rough terrain.

Other quality features include anti-scalp wheels that prevent the deck from damaging the turf when manoeuvring on undulating ground; electromagnetic control for effortless blade engagement; and seven height-of-cut positions ranging from 30-90mm for the management of various grass-conditions.

In addition to collection, this model can also be set-up to rear-discharge or mulch grass-clippings. A mulching kit, battery charger and trailer hitch are sold separately.



- Made for collecting

The cutting-deck measures a substantial 122cm in width and features two synchronised blades that optimise bagging-performance. Blade engagement is electromagnetic; and you’ll be able to choose from seven cutting-heights.

- Collect as long as you like

An extra-large 320-litre capacity grass collector minimises downtime caused by trips to the compost heap. The mulch-plug is sold separately and allows you to operate without the collector and turn clippings into a fine, fast-decomposing mulch that will act as an organic fertiliser.

- LED headlights improve visibility

LED headlights provide essential illumination in low-light conditions.

- All information easily visible

The 5.5" smart widescreen display makes it easy to monitor key operating information. Best Cutting Zone detects best cutting performance.

- Maximum comfort

Thanks to a STIGA Premium soft-grip steering wheel, an ergonomic Comfort Plus seat with armrests, and cruise control function, you’ll enjoy superior driver comfort that’s essential for anyone regularly managing time-consuming mowing jobs. A roomy storage compartment is also featured.

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