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Toro 5 Amp 60V MAX* Flex-Force Power System™ Charger 81805

  • High productivity in a compact size
  • Exceptional hillside traction and handling
  • Operator platform suspension reduces fatigue
  • Foldable platform allows for walk-behind operation



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Charges All Batteries In The Flex-Force Power System
  • Compatible with the rest of the Flex-Force Power System™
  • Encrypted Communication monitors battery health to maximise lifespan.
  • Dynamic Charge Rate optimizes charge speed based on charge level to maximize battery health and lifespan.
  • Auto Shutoff prevents overcharging to maximise battery health and lifespan.
  • Fan-Cooled design regulates temperature for faster charging

Take charge of your garden with Toro Flex-Force Power System 60-Volts Battery Charger. The charger is compatible with the Toro Flex-Force tools and batteries.



- All-Season Power

Compatible with the rest of the products in the Flex-Force Power System™ line, from mowers to string trimmers to snow blowers.

- Auto Shutoff

Stops charging when battery reaches full charge to avoid overcharging and maximize battery health and lifespan.

- Fan-Cooled Design

Regulates temperature for maximum charge speed.


Product Type Batteries/Chargers
Voltage 60V

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