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Toro GrandStand® 91 cm Stand-on Mower 74540TE



1 Day           £250.00

Extra Days   £150.00

5 Days          £550.00

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A True Workhorse.
  • Toro's foldable operator platform instantly converts the GrandStand to a walk-behind. It easily lowers back down when its time to ride – saving time, money and trailer space by eliminating the need to switch mowers.
  • Exceptional visibility from the GrandStand protects the operator, the mower and the property. The operator is better able to steer clear of obstacles, and easily pass beneath branches.
  • With hefty cast iron spindles including maintenance free bearings plus only annual grease points, there will be less need for routine maintenance. That means less time spent off your mower and more time generating profits with it.
  • Conserves space to get more machines on your trailer, or allows for a smaller trailer and lighter load.

Featuring an upgraded carburetor, high-capacity rugged TURBO FORCE® cutting deck, the industry’s toughest spindle assembly and the fatigue-reducing Flex-Ride operator platform suspension, the Toro GrandStand® Stand-on Mower is a productivity leader. The Kawasaki® FS541V engine delivers plenty of power, and the 91cm cutting deck covers a lot of turf quickly. The patented adjustable baffle lets you achieve maximum cutting performance by fine-tuning the deck to meet changing conditions, and the riding platform folds up so you can use the mower as a walk behind as well as reduce the footprint to save room on your trailer.



- Fatigue-Reducing Suspension

The revolutionary Flex-Ride operator platform suspension* keeps operators fresh, resulting in less fatigue and higher productivity throughout the day. Best of all, the suspension system is self-compensating for operators of different sizes.

- 2-in-1 Versatility

In situations where the operator may want or need to walk, Toro’s foldable operator platform instantly converts the GrandStand to a walk-behind. When it’s time to ride, just lower it back down – saving time, money and trailer space by eliminating the need to switch from one mower to another.

- Stand-on Mower Productivity

The ability to turn easily, get in and out of tight spaces, and quickly get on and off the mower to pick up debris or move obstacles all contribute to less time spent per property. The exceptional visibility of the GrandStand protects the operator, the mower and the property. The operator is better able to steer clear of obstacles, identify upcoming changes in terrain and easily pass beneath overhanging branches.

- Exclusive TURBO FORCE Deck

High-capacity TURBO FORCE decks deliver unsurpassed strength, a superior cut, and increased productivity in extreme mowing conditions. Equipped with a patented adjustable baffle, TURBO FORCE decks can be fine-tuned in order to conquer changing turf conditions.


- Patented Adjustable Baffle

Allows operator to achieve maximum cutting performance by fine-tuning deck to conquer changing conditions, unique job sites or different times of the season. In extreme conditions, the baffle can be opened in order to conserve power and achieve faster mowing speeds. In less demanding conditions, the baffle can be closed to yield micro-sized particles and maximise discharge velocity.

- The Industry's Toughest Spindle Assembly

Toro’s rugged spindle assemblies survive impacts that would destroy lesser spindles. The cast iron housing, with a massive 23.8cm diameter base, absorbs impact loads and distributes them across a broader area of the robust deck shell.

- Traction and Handling

The wide stance and optimal weight balance of the GrandStand enhance hillside stability and control. Because there are no restrictions to limit operator motion, operators can shift weight as needed to further enhance the performance of the machine.

- Big on Features, Not Size

The GrandStand conserves space to get more machines on your trailer or allows for a smaller trailer and a lighter load. And the unique, foldable operator platform makes the product even more compact for transport or storage. Some property owners have negative reactions to larger, heavier-looking mowers, and are concerned that their lawns may be damaged. With the sleeker Toro GrandStand, that problem is eliminated.

- A Flat Crisp Cut with Precision Blades

6.35 mm thick precision blades resist flexing to provide a flat, crisp cut. High-strength, heat-treated alloy steel survives impacts and provides resistance to the rapid wear commonly associated with abrasive conditions. Options include Recycler® and Atomic mulching blades, medium sail Bahai blades, and low sail sand blades.

- Smarter design in a bull-nose bumper.

7-gauge bull-nose bumper not only protects against frontal impacts, but also contains an integral underskirt to minimise blowout of debris and dust. The bottom, leading edge of the deck is raised 6.35 mm, allowing grass to stand more upright when entering the cutting chamber, ensuring a level cut. Leaf “ploughing” during spring and fall clean-up also is significantly reduced.

- Rubber Discharge Chute

High performance rubber discharge chute allows for close trimming without damaging chute or landscape structures. Patented design provides exceptional clipping dispersion.

- Heavy-Duty Muffler Guard

Heavy-duty, 7-gauge muffler guard protects muffler against damage.

- Flat-free, semi-pneumatic caster tyres

Flat-free, semi-pneumatic caster tyres.


Blade Tip Speed 5,638 m/min
Blades .5 cm (.204") Heat-Treated Steel
Carrier Frame 7.6 cm x 3.8 cm x 12 gauge (3" x 1.5" x 12 gauge)
Caster Tires 28 cm x 10.2 cm - 12.7 cm (11" x 4" - 5") flat-free semi-pneumatic
Clutch Electromagnetic
Comfort Platform Foldable Operator Platform with Suspension
Controls Twin lever
Cutting Width 91 cm
Deck Design 7-gauge 91 cm (36") TURBO FORCE® with bull-nose bumper
Deck Material 9 Gauge Steel
Drive System Pumps 10cc rev Wheel Motors 10 cir
Drive Tires 18" x 8.5" - 8" (46 cm x 22 cm - 20 cm)
Engine 11 kw (15 HP*) Kawasaki® FS541V 603cc 603 cc
Engine Brand Kawasaki
Engine Displacement (cc) 603 cc
Engine Horsepower 15.0 hp
Engine Power (kW) 11 kW
Forward Ground/Transport Speed Up to 8.0 kph
Front Bumper Reinforced Bull-Nose
Fuel Capacity 29.5 L
Fuel Type Gasoline
Height of Cut 2.5 - 12.7 cm
Hour Meter Standard Hour Meter
Hydraulic Fluid Premium synthetic
Product Type Stand On Mower
Product Use Commercial
Spindle Bearings Maintenance-free
Spindle Housing 23.8 cm Diameter Cast Iron
Start Type Electric
Steering Controls Twin Lever

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