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TORO Greensmaster ETRIFLEX 3360 / 3370


  • No hydraulic fluid
  • All electric components for traction, steering, lift and cutting
  • Noticeable noise reductions
  • Double A-Arm suspension with Flex technology and DPA cutting units
  • QuickChange cutting units
  • InfoCenter with advanced diagnostics

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One of the finest examples of innovative Toro technology, the Greensmaster eTriFlex 3360 utilises all-electric components for traction, steering, lift and cutting – saying goodbye to hydraulic fluid and minimising leaks.  

As an EnergySmart model, the 3360 brings with it a host of benefits, from noticeable noise reductions and friendly operation, to Double A-Arm Suspension allowing cutting units to float freely over any terrain. If you’re looking for a greensmower that’s easy to operate, versatile and more productive, then look no further. 

Introducing Toro's Greensmaster eTriFlex 3360

The eTriFlex is a classic example of Toro responding to customer demand by creating a machine which significantly reduces noise. The big benefits to this are that it allows work to start earlier and may circumvent noise regulations. It will help avoid complaints from area residents and prevent having to delay mowing certain green early in the morning or during the day. Plus, with greens ready earlier, it could enhance revenue by allowing earlier tee times.

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