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TS Industrie GS / Puma 35D

Features of GS/Puma 35D-

  • Kubota V1505 35 hp/26, 2 kW Diesel 4 Cyl
  • Admissible Diameter-16 cm
  • Capacity-27  m3/h
  • Hammers-12 and Knives-6.
  • Machine Weight-1280 Kg.
  • 40 cm wide Feed Belt
  • Power Mixed Rotor-4 Rows, 12 hammers with replaceable heads and 6 cutting blades.
  • Kubota V1505 35 hp (26.2 kW) 4-cyl-diesel engine, water-cooled.
  • Pilot System- Combined Machine control and Monitoring .
  • ease of access- to the rotor for maintenance.



Description Contact us Spec TS Puma

All-purpose and efficient

Shrubs, Hedges and Green Material. No longer constitute waste, thanks to the patented mixed rotor used on TS Industrie Green Series Chipper-Shredders.


The Mixed Rotor, developed and patented by TS Industrie, combines blades and hammers to shred all kinds of wood and green waste


  • Six-fold reduction in volume
  • Compared with a simple rotor with hammers, the additional blades achieve great results with wood (similar to a cutting disc system)
  • The additional hammers are used to shred the green material, thereby ensuring a longer service life for the blades
  • The excellent air supply guarantees excellent discharge of green material, even when moist
  • A versatile machine for arborists, landscape gardeners and groundwork professionals


If the diameter of the wood is too large, the hammers can move out of the way and the blades cut the material. Sections of branches and green waste then pass through the hammers to be discharged, largely shredded, out of the rotor. The scope of the hammers is greater than the scope of the blades, therefore the hammers work first, reducing wear and tear on the blades. The hammers experience less wear, as only the screwed inserts need to be replaced.


TS industrie is optimising its cutting techniques again with the launch of its new generation of rotor – find out with the GS/PUMA 35D and GS/LYNX 14P model.

  • Optimisation of engine power
  • Savings on energy and resources
  • Better compliance with raw material and the environment
  • More aesthetic shred

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Display SKU GS/Puma 35 D
Manufacturer TS Industrie
Model GS/Puma 35D
Engine Power 35hp
Engine Make Kubota
Professional/ Domestic/ Hire Professional
Fuel Type Diesel Engine
Material Diameter 16 cm
Overall Dimensions 4370 x 1690 x 2360 mm
Weight 1,280kg
Capacity 27 m3 /h
Hammer 12
Blade Type Knives
No. of Blades 6